>> ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat)
We diagnose and treat all aspects of ENT, including chronic sinusitis (sinus infections), deviated septums, thyroid nodules, contact-point migraine headaches, tonsillitis, ear infections, hearing loss, hoarseness (loss of voice), dizziness, throat clearing, cough, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), snoring, laryngopharyngeal reflux (acid reflux of the throat), and much more. 

At ENT & Allergy Specialists of VA, we also specialize in cosmetic facial plastic surgeries and procedures. Cosmetic surgeries include rhinoplasty (“nose job”), blepharoplasty (“eye lid surgery”), rhytidectomy (“facelift”), neck liposuction, chin implants, scar revisions, mole removal, repair of torn ear lobe, ear pinning, and more. Cosmetic services include all types of injectables such as Botox Cosmetic, Restylane, Radiesse, and Juviderm. We also perform chemical peels and dermabrasion.

>> Allergy

We specialize in allergy testing for children and adults, with skin testing or laboratory testing.

Our doctors treat asthma, hives, seasonal allergies, food allergies, and immunologic diseases. We give allergy shots (allergy immunotherapy), perform pulmonary function testing and Spirometry, patch testing, food challenge testing, and nebulizer treatments.

Learn more about our new allergy drops treatment (sublingual immunotherapy) – “allergy shots without needles!”

Allergy drops is a great alternative for children, elderly, asthmatics, or busy individuals. Get rid of your allergies without having to come into the office for a weekly shot!

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Vickie K. Lee, MD

Adult & Pediatric
Allergy & Immunology

James J. Lee, MD
Adult & Pediatric Otolaryngology
Facial Plastic Surgery

Penny Flores, CFNP
Adult & Pediatric Allergy & Immunology

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